The Exeter Reiki Centre is not just about Reiki as a treatment. We also offer training and courses at all levels of Reiki, for whatever you want Reiki for - whether it's purely to work on yourself, for your friends and family, or to work as a Reiki practitioner or Reiki Master. If you decide to learn Reiki, you get all the benefits of a Reiki treatment, daily, for free. At the level of Reiki First Degree you can treat yourself, and your friends and family, for free, as often as you like. Reiki Second Degree qualifies you to be a Reiki practitioner. Reiki Third Degree is the Master-Teacher level and is available a couple of times a year, from £550, following an interview if you have not completed your previous training with The Exeter Reiki Centre.

The teachings of The Exeter Reiki Centre are based on the original Japanese system of Reiki. We use traditional Japanese ‘Reiju’ empowerments, follow the original Reiki teachings, and teach students to learn to use Reiki intuitively. We welcome all students at all levels, even if they have previously trained elsewhere. Each live course involves an element of home study prior to attending the course itself, and the relevant study materials are sent to students on receipt of their deposit for a place on a course. We normally take a maximum of 4 students per course for First and Second Degree; 6 for Creative Reiki and Refreshers courses.

We also offer special Reiki courses: Reiki Master Extension courses, and Creative Reiki, several times a year. For more information on these courses, including forthcoming course dates, and for more on why you might want to learn Reiki in the first place, please click on the specific links and posters below.

We are excited to announce that both our Reiki First Degree course and our Reiki Second Degree course are now available as Home-Study courses, through online distance learning. This enables you to study and qualify with The Exeter Reiki Centre no matter where in the world you are based, or if this method of studying is simply more convenient for you.

You will cover everything we teach and practise on our live courses but in your own time, and from home. Distance learning allows you to fit your study around your family or work commitments, without needing to give up precious weekend time to attend a course in person. The course materials are identical to those provided in the study pack for the live course, and consist of a comprehensive manual and several mp3 tracks to support your learning. In addition, home-study students receive in-depth instructions, breaking the course down into a series of stages, or projects, in which the student does some reading, listens to any relevant audio track, carries out practical energy exercises and then sends us feedback by email to let us know what they have done and what they experienced. All home-study training is one-to-one, and we tailor our email support to the individual student.

You will be able to progress at your own speed, gets loads of hands-on practice and receive one-to-one support via email. Rather than having the time available to you limited by the length of a live course, you will be able to spend as long as you like working with the various exercises, really getting to grips with them and assimilating each stage before you move on at your own pace. The course can take as long as you feel you need to complete it, but will normally take around 6 weeks for Reiki First Degree, and 8-10 weeks for Reiki Second Degree. Lucie charges £145 for home study at Reiki First Degree level, and £175 for home study at Second Degree level, which covers her tuition fees for a period of one year from the date of enrolment. After that time, if you have not completed the course, you would need to enroll anew. You will be provided with a series of distant empowerments and will earn a certificate of completion from The Exeter Reiki Centre.

Students finish our home-study courses having completed an abundance of practical exercises with Reiki, and confident in what they are doing. As with all our courses, Lucie remains on hand for advice and support as students go out into the world to use their Reiki. Please see our feedback page for comments from former students and email us with any questions at:


Reiki First Degree, Home-Study course, £145. Training can commence at any point in the year.

Reiki Second Degree for Personal Use, Home-Study course, £175. Training can commence at any point in the year. Please note that this course is for students interested in developing their Reiki practice beyond First Degree level but without including the treatment of others. It does not, therefore, qualify you at practitioner level.

Reiki Second Degree, Home-Study course, £175. Training can commence at any point in the year. Practitioner-level qualification.


If you are interested in 1-to-1 tuition for a live study course, rather than being part of a group, or are looking for a course during a month not listed here, please get in touch so we can help! Prices for 1-to-1 tuition vary according to the course: Reiki First Degree is £255, Reiki Second Degree £305, Reiki Master Teacher course £750. Please note that 1-to-1 tuition courses will still take place at weekends, on the whole, although some weekdays outside of term dates are available.

Thank you.


Forthcoming Live Courses:

Please note that all live courses are currently suspended until it is safe for us to resume. Home-Study courses continue to be available for Reiki First and Second Degree, as outlined above. Students interested in pursuing the Reiki Master Teacher course may be able to follow a blended home-study/online option, depending on individual circumstances. Please get in touch for further information.






PLEASE NOTE: Cancellation of a place booked on any of our courses with less than 48 hours' notice will result in the full balance for your place still needing to be paid, as will failure to attend. If you wish to rebook your place for another date, there will be a £40 rebooking fee PLUS the remaining balance each time if you have failed to provide enough notice. Thank you.



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