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If you are a student or client of The Exeter Reiki Centre and have a comment you would like to have included here, please get in touch.


"I don't think I will ever be able to thank you enough for introducing me to Reiki. You have totally changed my life. THANK YOU!" Clare

“I had done Reiki 1 with someone else before. When I met Lucie, I started all over again. I was blown away by how much she teaches compared to other Reiki courses and how amazing her courses are. She is a really great teacher and she answered all my emails and questions for months afterwards!” Vicky

"With Reiki you just feel like all is well, like everything in your life is absolutely OK. And you can't remember why you ever thought it wasn't. But you know everything is fine now." Katie

“Lucie, you’re so calm, so peaceful. As soon as I heard your voice I just wanted you to hug me. It’s like there’s a whole different light shining out of you. I would pay you just to hug me.” Julie G

“Many thanks Lucie! Today was brill - many thanks to you! The difference I feel since March is incredible. I was surprised today with some of the things I experienced.” Julie P

“Interesting and thorough course, well taught. Will definitely come back for Reiki 2.” Stephen

“I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this Saturday and it was really nice to have met up with everyone again. I thought I loved the Reiki 1 course, but this was even better!” Sally

“I just want to thank you for a wonderful day on Saturday. I would like to say how much I enjoyed my day with you, doing my 1st degree and I’m now looking forward to doing my 2nd degree with you. You made myself and everyone feel very welcome. Although it was a day of learning it was also great fun. Reiki has become very important in my life and I now enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others to feel the same. Thank you Lucie.” Viki

“I chose to learn Reiki at The Exeter Reiki Centre because I was drawn to the website and thought Lucie sounded lovely. Her smile is even better than the website!! Oh and the course was better than I thought it was going to be. Would recommend.” Paul

“I had such an amazing time on the course I can't stop doing Reiki. I can't wait to do the next course. Thanks so much for such a great day!” Chen

“The venue is lovely. It has a lovely ‘feel’ to it and is right by the cathedral – beautiful.” Janet

"I found the course brilliant, Lucie is a calm and inspiring teacher and being in a small group (there were 4 of us) meant it was easy to get to know the other attendees and not to feel self conscious or intimidated. The feeling of actually being able to feel the energy do and Reiki myself was unbelievable." Jane

"Many thanks for an excellent course. It met and exceeded expectations and I'm feeling really energised for work later!!" Stephen

“Absolutely loved our course and can’t wait to go to the next level, thank you Lucie.” Lucie M

"I was not sure what to expect but I am bowled over with how relaxed I now feel. I normally hold tension in my shoulders and arms, but I now have loose shoulders and a lovely sense of calm. Lucie is an inspiring Reiki practitioner – you couldn’t be in better hands!" Penny

"I've had several sports injuries to my neck and shoulders over the years and I can feel like it's totally relaxed in that area now, like my neck and chin have realigned, really gently. I absolutely wasn't expecting it to do anything at all, and I'm reluctant to admit it, but I can feel it's done something. I felt really deeply relaxed into the couch, like my head was sunk into the pillow. I couldn't have lifted it if I tried - but in a good way! A really nice way!" Matt

"Thank you so much for the last healing session. I have noticed an amazing difference. My back pain has disappeared which has been there for years and I feel very more relaxed." Sam

"I am so thrilled with the results of my sessions with you. After our sessions I've felt the most 'together' I've ever felt, and trust me I've been looking for that for a heck of a long time." Rik

"I can't find any way of putting into words how I feel about the wonderful weekend I have just had. I am just amazed and delighted by what I have learned. Your passion and enthusiasm come across with every word. You are a fab teacher. I can't thank you enough." Sarah

"Just wanted to thank you for the Master's course last weekend. I feel quite transformed. I do feel like I have taken a massive surge forward on my spiritual journey. Thank you for the purity of this profound knowledge." Bernie

"Many thanks for an excellent course. It met and exceeded expectations." Stephen

"Thank you so much for the course yesterday, it was every bit as amazing as I'd hoped, maybe more so!" Jane

"It's amazing, the Reiki I've learned with Lucie is slowly but surely enabling me to totally reshape my life. :-) Every time I practice Reiki (on myself or on others) I feel empowered by the energy around me, and that's a wonderful feeling." Katie




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